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TPA (Thyroid Antibodies Test)

Also Known As: Thyroid Peroxidase, TPO, Microsomal Antigen, Anti-TPO Antibodies, Thyrotropin Receptor Antibodies, TRAbs, Stimulating Antibodies, Thyroid-Stimulating Antibodies, Thyroid-Stimulating Immunoglobulins, TSI, Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone Receptor Antibody, TSH Receptor Antibodies, TSH Receptor-Binding Inhibitor Immunoglobulin, TBII, TBI, Thyroglobulin Antibody, TgAb, Thyroid Autoantibodies

Thyroid antibodies develop when your immune system mistakenly targets components of the thyroid gland or proteins. This autoimmune response, in which the immune system mistakenly damages tissues in the body, can lead to chronic thyroid inflammation, tissue damage, and/or disruption of thyroid function.

Laboratory tests detect the presence and measure the quantity of specific thyroid antibodies in the blood. Understanding the underlying cause of thyroid dysfunction can help doctors plan the best course of treatment.

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