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Also Known As: Serum Potassium Test, Urine Potassium Test, Urine Potassium-to-Creatinine Ratio Test, 24-Hour Urine Potassium Test

Potassium is a mineral found throughout your body that is essential to your health. It is one of several electrolytes that helps control your body’s fluid levels, acid-base balance, as well as nerve and muscle activity. Potassium is predominantly present inside cells throughout the body, and its level in the liquid portion of blood is regulated by the kidneys.

Most potassium tests measure the amount of potassium in the liquid portion of your blood (serum or plasma), but a urine potassium test is also used in some situations. These tests can determine whether you have normal levels of potassium. If potassium levels are too high or too low, it can cause numerous symptoms and health risks, and can be life-threatening.

Potassium can be measured individually, but it is often included in broader tests such as an electrolyte, renal, or basic or comprehensive metabolic panel.

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