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Alcohol Blood Testing

Also Known As: Ethanol Testing, Ethyl Alcohol Testing, Blood Alcohol Level Test, Blood Alcohol Content Test, Serum Ethanol Test, Blood Alcohol Level Test, EtG Test, EtS Test, CDT Test, PEth Test

Alcohol blood testing detects evidence of alcohol use. Also called ethanol or ethyl alcohol, alcohol is the ingredient in drinks like beer, wine, and liquor that can cause intoxication. Alcohol is created during the fermentation of starches, yeast, and sugars.

While alcohol blood testing is the most accurate method of measuring the amount of alcohol in the body, alcohol can also be measured in samples of a person’s sweat, hair, urine, breath, and saliva. An alcohol blood test may be performed for several purposes, including workplace drug testing and determining if a driver is operating a vehicle while impared.

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